Full-stack simply refers to someone who is cross-disciplinary and able to take a project through to completion. Being more than just a cog in the machine is what being full-stack is all about.

I’m a professional, highly experienced and comprehensive thinking full-stack designer, art director, creative manager and Scrum Master. As such, I’m familiar with product development and have a deep understanding of the design process, user journeys, user experience and more. As an experienced designer I am able to guide, identify and avoid common design pitfalls, ensuring seamless cooperation, mitigate rework and help reduce unexpected situations.

I’m experienced in responsive design, iGaming and affiliate marketing, UI/UX, wireframing, A/B testing, Scrum Master role, art direction, creative management, possess a strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP, understand the full design and development process, mentoring design teams, managing and guiding contractors, and more…

When I started out in my career, design was all I knew. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember, self-taught in everything that I know and offer, driven by my desire to deliver the best I can and learning new skills as my career progressed. My journey spans over 25 years professionally and along the way I’ve had the pleasure to work with many incredibly talented people and companies, for start-ups through to global brands. Find out more here.

Very high standards, attention to detail, a passion for design, collaborating with incredibly talented people, guiding and mentoring designers and my team as a Scrum Master, and learning from my mistakes, are just some of the things which make me tick